Když chcete vědět víc

Association House in 2018: Stabilization of the team and work carried out for 23 associations


In a first half of 2018, four of our six Association Development Managers left the company and were replaced by four new and dynamic managers. In spite of these changes, the Daniela Kamaradova led team was very successful. Listed below are a few examples of work our colleagues carried out last year:

  • Work for 23 associations (15 Czech and 8 international)
  • Organization of 37 committee meetings
  • Representation of associations at 11 events
  • Arrangement of 2 annual meetings
  • Organization of 8 meetings with sponsors
  • Organization of 17 teleconferences with committee members
  • Organization of 2 webinars
  • Publishing of 24 newsletters
  • Creation of modern websites for 3 Czech associations
  • Upgrade of e-ballot and CLAUDiN membership

Association House provides services for the effective development and growth of professional associations. Read more about their activities on their website: